Welcome to Cat Corner: A Haven for Cats and Their Owners

There’s a reason cats are an internet sensation. Their quirky behavior, funny antics, and demure personalities make them into the perfect internet mascots. However, there is a lot more to your cat’s behavior than immediately meets the eye. 

Cats are masters at hiding illness, so how do you know when they're sick? Chances are you don't, and you won't until the disease is far more advanced and more difficult to treat. That's why regular vet visits are so important! Due to their natural instincts to avoid showing signs of vulnerability, their behavior changes can be subtle. It takes expertise to pick-up on symptoms of developing conditions.

Luckily, at Hanover Veterinary Hospital, we understand cats like no other. Our Cat Corner is designed to share with you some insight into your feline friend’s health and wellbeing. We also stress the importance of annual wellness exams and tell you more about the work we do to make our clinic a haven for cats (and you, too).


Paws for Thought

You may have noticed pawprints speckling the page, and no, they’re not from your cat swiping at the screen when you weren’t looking! These paws hold little nuggets of cat-specific facts, so hover over each one for a bit of feline insight.

Paws for Thought

Playing with a variety of toys at the clinic helps to reduce stress in cats.

Obsessive scratching can mean your cat is marking their territory. This is often caused by a stress trigger such as moving to a new home or the addition of another pet to the family.

Many senior cats suffer from arthritis making petting painful. This may cause them to lash out toward you, but don’t take it personally—they’re just uncomfortable!

Trouble getting your cat to us? Leave their carrier out all the time so they can get used it. It also helps to spray calming pheromones in the bedding and even hide some of their favorite treats in there!

Your Cat’s Veterinary Visits: Why They Matter

Did you know your cat needs to see us at least once a year for an annual check-up? Their long-term health depends on it, but we know it can be difficult to get them here. At Hanover, we recognize that visits to the vet can take a toll on our feline patients, so that’s why we take extra good care of them. How, you ask? Here are some reasons your cat should come to see us:

We are Fear Free Certified Professionals.
We understand cat behavior and can handle your cat with low-stress techniques that put them at ease.

We’re experienced.
Cats are experts at hiding illness, but during a check-up, we can catch the subtle signs of health issues long before they develop into more serious problems.

We’re dedicated to feline wellness.
We’ve built our practice to be a cat-friendly environment, so your cat can feel at home the moment they walk through our doors.

Still, you may be asking, do all cats really need to see the vet annually? The answer is no! Some cats require even more frequent visits (so you better help them to love their carrier!)

Creating a Cat-Friendly Space

We are determined to eliminate stress for cats at our animal hospital. Part of our commitment to feline wellness means helping them feel comfortable when they are with us. When your cat visits us, they can expect the royal treatment:

  • Designated cat-only exam room
  • Calming, cat-friendly music
  • Pheromone therapy
  • Cat-friendly textures and colors
  • Minimal restraint techniques
  • Treats for positive reinforcement (and distraction!)
cat on chair