Pet Boarding at Our Hospital

Going out of town and not sure what to do about your furry or feathered friend? Use our pet boarding services in Cedar Lake. When you board your pet at Hanover Veterinary Hospital, we do everything we can to ensure their comfort and your peace of mind.

What We Offer Dogs & Cats

We want your pets to be as happy as possible while they stay with us. Therefore, we provide personalized care and attention to all of our guests to help them enjoy their time away from home. 

Some of the amenities and services we offer dogs include:

  • Separate area for dogs
  • Dogs are taken out 2-3 times per day (no more than 10 hours apart)
  • A fenced-in yard for playing and interacting with our team members
  • Petting and playtime and no additional cost
  • Unless you bring food from home, your dog will receive a specially-formulated diet to reduce stomach upset
  • We can provide text and photo updates to you on your dog’s condition while you’re away
  • Calming music
  • Adaptil pheromone therapy to help dogs relax

Some of the amenities and services we offer cats include:

  • Separate area for cats
  • Cat condos with a view of the outdoors
  • Extra cuddles and playtime at no additional cost
  • Unless you bring food from home, your cat will be fed a specially-formulated diet to reduce stress-related sickness
  • We can provide text and photo updates to you on your cat’s condition while you’re away
  • Calming music
  • Feliway pheromone therapy to help cats relax
Pet Boarding in Cedar Lake

We have a staff of three veterinary technicians present every day of the week to monitor our boarders and take dogs out. Our doctors can always be reached in case of medical emergencies.

Pet Boarding in Cedar Lake

Important Canine & Feline Boarding Information

Hanover Veterinary Hospital is happy to board all canine and feline pets, even if they aren’t our regular patients. Other important items to note before you plan their stay include:

  • Dogs must be up-to-date on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines before boarding. The canine influenza vaccine is also recommended, though not required.
  • Cats must be up-to-date on their vaccines for rabies and feline distemper.
  • All cats and dogs must test negative in a fecal exam within 12 months of their stay to be admitted and must be flea free. We recommend that all boarding pets be on a flea preventative.
  • If your pet is overdue for certain vaccinations, we can vaccinate them at drop-off to get them up to date.
  • Medication can be dispensed to pets with ongoing medical issues during their stay at no extra charge.
  • Items from home are permitted for your pet's comfort. 

Learn More

Want to know more before scheduling your pet’s stay? We understand. We offer tours of our facility to put your mind at ease about leaving your beloved pets in our care. Call us at (219) 374-9443 today for more information, to schedule a tour, or to book your pet’s stay.    


We feel blessed that our African Grey (Miracle) was taken care of so very well. We will definitely be back! Thank you once again. -Linda E.

I think Leia has enjoyed boarding here. Everyone is helpful and kind with her! I will continue to bring her when I need to. -Juanita F.

We came in as a walk in. Scooby had an ear infection and his eye had swelled up. Hanover treated him as if he was a long time patient. His eye was back to normal the next day. We are still treating the ear infection. But he's back to his old self. Thank you for such great care. -Timothy M.

Everyone was smiling and treated us so kindly. No long wait. Dr. B was awesome. He didn’t rush and made sure to cover all aspects of Stella’s care. All personnel treated Stella so sweetly. -Shirley O.

All the Drs. and techs at Hanover are wonderful and always treat the animals with care and compassion........ as well as treating their human customers with understanding and always have time to listen and help with any concern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Deborah S.

Everyone is always so kind and caring and always explain everything well. When boarding our dog we never worry because he is happy when we pick him up so I know they treat him well. -Diane T.


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