Meet Our Veterinary Staff

A successful animal hospital needs a strong, reliable foundation to operate smoothly. Our caring veterinary staff in Cedar Lake provides that and more, thanks to their compassion for animals and the people who love them. We're proud to introduce our amazing team members, and we invite you to learn more about them!

Practice Managers


Connie Klar

With no prior experience, Connie completely changed professions in her early 40s to finally do what she always wanted to do--work with animals. She obtained all of her skills through on-the-job training, and joined Hanover Veterinary Hospital in 2010 as a veterinary assistant. She then spent a year at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center as both an assistant and receptionist. She feels that Hanover Veterinary Hospital is her home away from home, and her coworkers are like extended family. In addition to holding down the fort at Hanover, she still performs receptionist duties at the emergency clinic on Sundays. Connie has three dogs named Shelby, Hoot and Sophie; two cats named Helen Keller and Thor; and two Betta fish. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, organic cooking and using green products.  
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Laura Redenbaugh

Laura started her career with Hanover Veterinary Hospital in 1998 as a kennel attendant. She never had pets of her own and didn't know it was possible to have such strong bonds with companion animals. As she took on new positions, she quickly learned that veterinary work was her passion! Laura is an avid dog and cat lover, with two of each at home--cats Taboo and Aslan, and dogs Leah and Vader. She and her husband Robert have three adult children; Bobbi, Miranda and Alex. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities and recently joined a 'Prepper,' or preparedness/survival group, which she loves. She also likes to read in her downtime. 
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Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Registered Veterinary Technician
Amy has been with Hanover Veterinary Hospital since June of 1997--almost 21 years! She spends most of her days at Hanover taking care of our surgery patients, setting up the surgical suite, monitoring anesthesia, performing lab work, and caring for the animals in recovery and/or those receiving medical treatments. Her favorite thing about working in the veterinary field is being able to care for, help and comfort sick, injured or scared animals. Outside of work, Amy volunteers at a local Wildlife Animal Rescue, spends time riding motorcycles with her husband, enjoys hanging out with her pets, and loves reading and being outside in nature. She and her husband have a furry family that includes six cats and Chevy the Pit Bull.
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Jocelyn Bathurst

Registered Veterinary Technician
Jocelyn graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College in 2016 after completing their 18-month vet tech program. She has been working at Hanover Veterinary Hospital ever since, and while she is fairly new to the field, Jocelyn knew that this is what she has always wanted to do. In elementary school, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Jocelyn replied that she wanted to be a veterinarian. While she may not be there yet, she looks forward to seeing where the future will take her. Jocelyn enjoys being an RVT, and loves being able to make a difference in so many lives, along with building trust and friendship with every patient. She has grown up with all kinds of animals, including foster failures and rescues. She has two Huskies of her own, Jax and Kenai; a cat named Albert; and a crested Gecko named Gunther. When not at work, Jocelyn enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend, their fur babies, and her family. 
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Paula Buikema

Veterinary Technician
Paula grew up right here in Cedar Lake. She has lived in the Region her entire life, and is very happy to call it home. She knew since she was a young girl that she wanted to work with animals. Growing up on a farm, she was able to care for many different pets, including a horse, dogs, goats, a pig, lots of kittens and even a raccoon! Hanover Veterinary Hospital was Paula's first "real" job, where she started at 16 years old. The previous owner helped her gain a lot of hands-on experience working in a clinic atmosphere. After high school, Paula attended Purdue University, where she completed her Veterinary Technician program. After graduating, she returned home and worked at several small animal hospitals in the area, and also spent five years at the Balmoral Race Track with the horses. For the next 14 years, Paula would have four children and become a full-time, stay-at-home mom. In September 2016 she joined our team as a surgery technician, returning to the wonderful world of veterinary medicine. Hanover was her first job and may be her last--it just feels like home!
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Amy Kersey

Veterinary Assistant
Amy started working in the veterinary profession when she was 16 years old. She worked her way up from kennel duties and has developed many versatile skills, easily transitioning from reception duties to assisting the veterinarians. Amy currently does both here at Hanover Veterinary Hospital. Her family includes her husband, their 2-year old daughter Emersyn, and three pets: Bubba the Dachshund, Penny the Husky mix, and Captain Jack Sparrow, the cat. 
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Bobbi Vines

Veterinary Assistant
Bobbi has been working in the veterinary field for about 15 years now, having started right out of high school. She first began as a kennel attendant, then slowly worked her way up to becoming a veterinary assistant. She can honestly say that this has been her dream job since childhood! For Bobbi, one of the most rewarding parts of the job is being able to earn the trust of a fearful animal--even if it is just to get a quick kiss! She is also a mother of two, and has plenty of fur babies, too. Her personal favorite is Mr. Beefy the English bulldog, but she also has a Boxer named Moxy and a Chihuahua named Pip. She also has four cats, a bird and a fish to complete her menagerie. Together with her family and fur babies, Bobbi enjoys camping, hiking and doing anything related to the outdoors. 
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Wiebke Charles

Veterinary Assistant
Wiebke joined Hanover Veterinary Hospital in April 2012. She has spent about 32 years in the animal care profession, including working as a veterinary technician in Germany from 1990-1994. In addition, she spent three years in India as a technician and civic coordinator, and has lived and worked in the US for about 11 years now. She has two cats, Connie and Spock, and three dogs: Rufus the Bloodhound and Pebbles and Barney, two mixed breeds she rescued from India. She loves spending her free time with her family, friends and pets.
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Veterinary Assistant
Bio coming soon.

Rose Zamorocy

Rose was the kid that all the stray animals followed home, despite the fact that her mother didn't like animals. Since first volunteering at her local animal shelter over 35 years ago, Rose has been working in the animal field ever since. She is partial to cats, big or small, and has also fallen in love with goats over the last year. You can always find her talking about chickens and goats, as many people are fascinated by the chickens she owns (fancy, rare and heritage breeds), her six very cute goats (including the famous Zeus), her cats, and two Shetland Sheepdogs named Jakob and Tootsie. 
Alyssa (1)

Alyssa O'Neill

Kennel Attendant
Alyssa joined Hanover Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2017. She began as an intern, hoping to observe and learn, and soon began working in the kennel. Her favorite part about working in the kennel area is being able to interact with the dogs and cats individually so that each one feels welcome. She looks forward to attending Purdue University's College of Agriculture in the fall to accomplish her goal of becoming a veterinarian. 
Kim Kuffel

Kim Kuffel

Professional Groomer
Kim has been grooming dogs for over 40 years. When she was a little girl, she "wanted to make dogs pretty," which eventually led to her becoming a professional groomer at age 15. After moving to Colorado to enhance her grooming skills, she eventually started competing in dog grooming competitions, becoming involved in the show circuit and showing Standard Poodles and Terriers. Through it all, her mother remained her biggest mentor and supporter. Kim has seven pets of her own at home, and is considered Hanover's very own dog whisperer. She is very patient with dogs, giving them the time they need to relax and trust her. 

Hanover Veterinary Hospital

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