Pet Wellness Care

Every dog and cat needs regular check-ups throughout their life, even when they're healthy. Whether your pet is 6-8 weeks old, entering their golden years, or anywhere in between, bring them into our Cedar Lake hospital at least once a year for a physical to make sure they stay as healthy as possible.

Do you have a new puppy or kitten? In their early months, these young animals are susceptible to many parasites and illnesses. In order to ensure puppies and kittens stay as healthy as possible, we encourage pet owners to bring them in for their first wellness exam when they’re just a few weeks old.

During this first visit, we will give your new pet our thorough physical examination to establish a baseline of their health and address any issues or concerns. This visit is also a good time to discuss:

  • The ideal time for spay or neuter surgery
  • Benefits of microchipping
  • Training techniques and behavior issues
  • Dietary questions

We will also take time to evaluate your pet’s lifestyle during this initial exam and determine which vaccinations they may need and set an appropriate schedule for shots. All puppies and kittens need a series of initial vaccinations to protect them from contagious and dangerous diseases. Ask us about our Free Vaccinations for Life program! This unique offer helps you save money and gives you the motivation to keep up with your pet’s health as they age.  

Growing up doesn’t mean you grow out of going to the doctor. Adulthood is the longest and most active part of your pet’s life, just like it is in yours, and it comes with risks. Did you know that nearly 80 percent of dogs and cats develop gum disease by the age of three? While we may not think about taking adult pets to the vet as much as when they’re puppies and kittens, this is one of the many reasons to get annual veterinary checks. Physical examinations can detect early signs of issues like gum disease, parasites, and other hard-to-see afflictions. We can then prescribe follow-up treatments, like dental appointments or medication, which can stop the problems before they become more severe. They also provide a great opportunity to administer boosters on critical vaccines.

We recommend pets be brought in for physical exams twice a year once they reach their senior years. Depending on their breed, your pet may show signs of old age by seven years old, or as late as 15. Our doctors will be able to provide more detailed information as your pet matures. Generally, however, all pets slow down with age. Older pets, like humans, are susceptible to degenerative conditions like arthritis and tend to develop health conditions more quickly. To keep your pet in peak condition for as long as possible, we recommend not only more frequent veterinary check-ups but also more advanced diagnostic testing to detect and treat health complications more effectively.

In addition to our regular physical screenings, we recommend senior pets receive the following tests annually:

  • Blood chemistry panel
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Thyroid testing
  • Urinalysis

Travel Certificates

If you plan to travel internationally or fly on a commercial airline with your pet, then make sure to set up an appointment with Hanover Veterinary Hospital before you go. Just like you need to show ID when traveling, your pet will need to show certification of their health status.

Our hospital provides USDA health certificates for your pets, which must be issued within ten days of travel. These certificates cover issues including:

  • Confirmation of health status
  • Confirmation of vaccination status
  • Animal place of origin and travel destination
  • Approval for animals to travel as cargo
  • Authorization for international travel

If you have questions about any of our wellness services, the Free Vaccines for Life program, or travel certificates please call us at (219) 374-9443.

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